The Street Snapper : City Of Diversity, Yogyakarta

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Triseda Parking Indonesia
One of my favorite hobbies, is take a sip of “Angkringan” warm cup of tea & observe the streets. What’s for? Well, somehow, one way to feel the “life” is seeing & discover another life.

This is my 1st installment of “The Street Snapper” post category. And what’s better than snap some pics of the streets from the city with thousands varieties of life, Yogyakarta? Here’s some of interesting bits that I had snap…

Honda GL-Pro GL-Max
Everyone loves afternoon ride. But unlike like the boy, their daughter looks unimpressed…
Kawasaki Ninja EX-250 Indonesia Black
The most flat & plain face of Ninjette rider ever.
Honda CBR150R Scoopy Red Yogyakarta
The march of Honda’s sibling. Sport vs Soft.
Yamaha Jupiter MX VS Supra X 125
The battle between Honda vs Yamaha isn’t just CBR vs R1, but also in these smaller scale. Pick your side!
Suzuki Satria FU150 Copy
Hey, don’t forget Suzuki side. These dudes looks ready to war! Eh, that ain’t FU 150…
Ducati Monster Packed Yogyakarta
What’s your dream? Owning fancy Bologna’s Il Mostro?
Ducati Monster Work Ride Yogyakarta
Well, this guy living up your dream. Props for him to ride his prized bike to work!
Street Tracker Kustom Yogyakarta
The Epitome Of Badassery.
Moped Suzuki Smash SR Carry
“We don’t need pick-up car or trike. Our bike is dependable”

Well, as you see, Indonesia bikers life isn’t neat & obedient one. Lots of wrong & fucked things happen here, but like Shoot Up N Ride tagline, Indonesia bikers life is solid, alive & kicking!

Got any interesting street pics or stories? Don’t forget to hit us at contact form here, and of course our newly-bred Facebook page. See you at the next “The Street Snapper” series!


  1. yeah, hard life of Indonesian rider……..

    *macet, jalan berjerawat, rambu-rambu yang pada dilanggar…….butuh ketabahan buat survive di jalanan Indo :mrgreen:

  2. Amazing, but wait… Eh eh eh, itu Rider Ninja 250 keliatan pasrah banget ya tampangnya? :D

      • Oh, kirain “haduuuh cicilan masih 10 bulan, udah mau PHK aja…” :D

        Tapi keren banget itu bapak2 yang naik Monster :)

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