Saturated By Water, The Rain Chronicles

In The Street Snapper

Honda Spacy Rain Ride Indonesia

Rain, what a strong condition for many people. Maybe for majority people, it’s a bless, the symbol of fertility and prosperity, even become a playground for some! But no doubt with its substantial force, lots of us being fearful & paranoid when rain fall…

Honda Beat Icon Rain Ride

Waktu hujan turun (When it rains)

Di sudut gelap mataku (In the dark corner of my eye)

Begitu derasnya (So swift…)

Akan ku coba bertahan (I tried to survive)

Sheila On 7 – Hujan Turun

Wet & slippy, combined with path that become unpredictable, makes fall & crash at rain is like cooking instant noodles at Antarctic, without stove. The failure will be accepted just normally…

Honda CB Rain Ride Indonesia

Even it’s possible, not everyone dare to ride when rain. Lots of technique can be used to handle the beast to swim, but all of it were just to ride on the wave, not to restrain all of it. The risk & danger of ride at rain is too strong to be conquered.

Kawasaki Ninja 150 Rain Ride Indonesia

So, how about you, me & they who lived at a country with intense rainfall, for example Indonesia? Heavy density type, and for the cream of the top ; Flood, because the drainage of many of our city are like treated by drunkards. Messy.

“Are they still gonna ride their bike?”

Honda Absolute Revo Wave 110 Bakso Meatball Indonesia Rain

Yeah, they always have the fear of rain. But still, ride on. From simple commuting into work at night. Ride through the million droplets of water, without proper gear, even bike condition. Is that because “Love“?

Vespa Rain Ride Indonesia

I don’t know. Lots of people I asked, can’t answer it clearly. Even if they truly love to ride, what makes them dare to take the risk? Thirsty Reckless? Desperate because they can’t afford a car?

Suzuki Skywave Hayate 125 Rain Ride

Maybe because, rain is major part of water cycle, and it can’t stop the life cycle of Indonesian rider. That’s why, life cycle contain “cycle” word, For them, motorcycle is part of their life, unconsciously…

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  1. Daripada cuma basah nanggung sebagian, lebih baik kita basah-basahan sekalian :)

      • oalah pantesan objek jalan kelihatan jelas… kayaknya klau nightmodenya kamera biasa gak bakalan jelas objekanya :D IMHO

  2. I don’t mind if they keep riding in rain. The thing I hate the most is when those ‘wannabe riders’ hide under the bridge and blocked up 70% of the whole road just to hide from the rain. It’s rain! It’s just water! Come on! Ride your bike with pride, be one with Mother nature!

  3. dan ngerasain efek aquaplaning itu ser2an lho.. bikin merinding sampe ke bidjie.. #eh :)

    like a dancing in the moonlight :|

  4. with a proper gear, we can have fun with rain…….
    well…..just know your (and your partner) limits and everything gonna be okay

  5. kalo hujannya malam hari, mari kita tidur saja.. besok lagi perginya…. hehehe

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