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Honda CB GL Megapro Corner

*for increasing our & your perspective, we’re proudly present our new wordsmith, Vincent. Young and full of curiosity, I think he’s fitted with SNR, hungry for hearing & telling stories! And this is his first offering… #reyhan

I was chillin out in my room when I see this pic. It made me curious about the sensation of ride this oldies goodies. So I ask Muhammad Firly, the person behind the handlebar. And then, he says that this CB100 feels powerful, even it can do wheelie in second and third gear.  Seriously, I’m not kidding #poker face.

FYI, this CB has its engine swapped to the newer version of Honda lightsport series in our country, GL160 aka Honda Megapro. He admit that the front and rear shockbreaker isn’t too dependable, like  nowadays celebrity gossip show, but it did not even decrease the fun level, hell yeah!

So, my (damn short) conclusion is……getting older doesn’t mean you can’t play, same as old bikes. It’s getting older and older but still (even moarr!) fun to play with if you treat them well. Which is means that you can still made a good stories together with ‘em ;)

*Many thanks to Rudal, the pic snapper and a proud owner of this CB, also to Firly for bring us the ride and the stories


  1. Hey Bro,… Goog Shoot!.. but no good website in the desain only!.. he.. he.. That just my opinion! :)
    your shoot like a Classic Motorcycle Blog like the bikeexif.com… now i link your blog on BLOGGER OTOMOTIF ORG, can this? if you dont like me link to your blog please tell me about that!

    Best Regards,

    Imam Sadikin

    • well……tks for your advice, but could you tell us what exactly a “good” design in your mind bro? :smile:
      *maybe…just maybe, it will suits our criteria

      and btw, i didn’t take this pic or any pic from another writings in this web. I’m just a wordsmith (that’s how admins call me)

      it is okay bro, even we glad with the way you appreciate us like that, thanks :grin:

      • Well, thanks before, mate..

        We hardly tried to develop the site, though. But for now, we’re focusing on the content first.

        As seen, the photos also came from our striders buddies. So, highest appreciations comes to them who trusted their works on us.

        And about the link, we’re tend to be independent now, not getting affiliated with another website, so if you don’t mind, please remove “RHYN.FRDS Blog” from your aggregator website…

        PS : The “RHYN.FRDS Blog” actually named SHOOTUPNRIDE.COM, and there’s team behind it, not only me, Reyhan Firdaus.

        Thank you.

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