The Strange Case Of Love, Motorcycle And Its Owner

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Image courtesy of BikersPit

Love, ah…That strong yet strange word. Everyone had feel it, yet we can’t describe it well. Is that feeling built from lust, attraction, and attachment only? Or there’s mysterious spicy flavor that create those emotion?

How about love & motorcycle? Is that something real? Darn…Maybe we can observe it by looking some “proof” of love, which created & immortalized by fellow rider at Shootup N Ride Facebook Page. Shall we start the investigation?

Suzuki Thunder Wandering
Image courtesy of Satrio Ponco Hutomo

Kupacu melaju kencang kuda besiku semakin terasa menantang (Spurred, going fast my iron horse became even more challenging)
Deru mesin yang terasa seakan bersatu dengan detak di jantungku (The engine roars as if it fused with my heartbeat)

Kuda Besiku tetap melaju (My iron horse still keep running)
Walau pun ada rintangan yang menghadang akan ku terjang (Even any obstacle blocking us, I will hoof it!)
Play-Mates – Kuda Besi

So, there is love between the rider & the bike. Is the machine that lack natural mechanism to show its emotion can feel the love? If the answer is “Yes” (or maybe?), then…How? Can those iron lung & plastic body possess something called “L-O-V-E“?

Yamaha Jupiter Rain Ride
Image Courtesy of Muhamad Firly Synaga

Maybe…The feeling arise from the sensation that we feel from riding it. A “Superman” feeling, that make us fearless, tough & brave. Riding motorcycle is like cannabis to Bob Marley : “The herb is the key to new understanding of the self, the universe, and God. It is the vehicle to cosmic consciousness“.

Dangerous, but religiously bring us to another dimension…Is riding it is the key to getting love from motorcycle? Probably.

Honda Vario Kilimanjaro
Image Courtesy of jurupoto yoyo

Oh, the ability to moving around. Cruising, exploring…What a great activities to make great experiences! And hey, it’s like relationship with our beloved right?

Bromo Thunder Indonesia
Image Courtesy of Yamagami Da

Remember when you & your partner finding & making something miraculous, for example the Bromo trip above? From the first time engine starts, till the expedition end, you’d still remember each kilometers of it. Just like dating your boy/girlfriend rite? Except when your girlfriend is Agoraphobia of course…

Suzuki Thunder 250 Repair
Image Courtesy of Caesar Trinova

And just like love relationship, it also consisted of ups and downs. Broken, jammed…And it’s owner still care about its condition. Even the cost is more expensive than the bike’s price, yet they don’t really care about it.

It’s not about the money” they say…

Crash Bike Smile Laugh
Image Courtesy (Again) of Caesar Trinova

…even in the lowest state of the motorcycle itself. All of its owner can do is sigh, smile and whispering words :

“Hey partner, even cost to awaken you will drain my wallet, and took the time forever…I promise, we will ride together.”

What makes them daring to take the risk? Is it pride? Passion? Or maybe this investigation is valid : Motorcycle love is real?

Kawasaki Ninja Pantai Indonesia
Image Courtesy of Muhamad Firly Synaga

Well, maybe the answers can’t be written in words, picture & video. Perhaps it’s beyond the pulse of the engine, or the thousands kilometers of stories that written on the tires…

Can you show us the love of motorcycle? Please write your evidence, proof or testimony in the comment section, or go to our Facebook page, and share your stories. Maybe it will help our investigation….


  1. aq ngga tahu apakah ini cinta atau hanya nafsu, tapi selalu menyenangkan tiap kali naik motor, meskipun cuma sekedar rutinitas berangkat kerja…:)

    jadi inget omongan istri semalem, waktu aq ngeluh otot pangkal paha ngilu, ” itu karena ayah keseringan naik motor, ngga ngrasain pas naik motor karena seneng…” damn it’s true… :)

    • Ahahahaha :lol:

      Semua orang saat sudah “addict” & dapet “fun”-nya pasti lupa…

      Kalo kata pakar cinta-cintaan mah : “Saat cinta sudah take-over, maka kita siap berkorban” :D

  2. Mungkin sama seperti Om Skalorman, pernah sesekali kepala pusing ataupun betis pegal dipaksa naik motor.

    And the feel, like using the pain killer spray :)

  3. “Hey partner, even cost to awaken you will drain my wallet, and took the time forever…I promise, we will ride together.”

    damn man, it really suits me –“

  4. In other words, it’s called “insanity”. Regular people wouldn’t understand.. But, then again.. I guess we’re not that regular at all. XD

    • That’s right :lol:

      From wild imagination, transformed into obsession, that only us, our motorcycle & God that can understand.

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