Guest Writer : Charisma Surya – Journey To The East Part#2

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Finally, let’s continued the story about 5 Striders journey to the East. Do everybody get to the destination? Experiences surprising stories of touring? Or, they just adds some row of numbers on their bike odometer alone? Well, let Aris tell it through by string of words and photographs from his trusty (phone) camera…

Akhirnya, lanjutan kisah perjalanan 5 Striders menuju Timur kembali digulirkan. Apakah mereka sampai menuju tujuannya? Mendapatkan kisah-kisah menarik khas touring dengan batin? Atau justru hanya menambah deretan angka di odometer saja? Well, biarkan Aris kembali mengisahkannya melalui untaian kata & deretan foto-foto dari kamera (handphone) andalannya…

CBR Ninja Versys CB 250 Rama Bobby Bimo Aris Reyner

Hoaaaheemmm…Finally…After great struggle to get up in the morning, at 10 o’clock we went for continue our trip from Yogyakarta, accompanied with the best protection for touring; Rama’s aunt pray, thanks for the hospitality! Relax Auntie, we won’t harm Rama, well maybe some surprising corner-cutting for spicing the ride hehehe… Okay, it’s time for us to feel the fresh air of the legendary road towards our initial target, Sarangan!

Hoaaaheemmm…Akhirnya setelah perjuangan berat untuk…bangun pagi, pada jam 10 kami melanjutkan perjalanan kami dari Jogja, disertai pelindung terbaik untuk touring; Doa Bu’de-nya Rama, thanks for the hospitality! Tenang Bu’de, Rama tidak akan kami apa-apain kok, paling digunting di tikungan hehehe…Okay, saatnya kami merasakan udara segar serta jalanan legendaris menuju target awal kami, Sarangan!

CBR Ninja Versys CB 250 Rama Bobby Bimo Aris Reyner

And finally, the typical problems of touring appeared for our trusty partner. This time, Nightwish successfully disconnect the speedometer, and Repsie whining to Reyner for replace her brakepad. Luckily, we find nearest authorized dealer, even if it takes 2 hours. Not bad, we can rest on the road, although Bimo thinks break means sleeping hehehe…

Dan, akhirnya muncul problematika khas touring, partner yang bermasalah. Kali ini Nightwish yang dengan sukses memutuskan kabel speedometernya, dan Repsie yang merengek minta diganti brakepad-nya. Beruntung, kami bisa menemukan dealer resmi terdekat meski memakan waktu 2 jam. Lumayan, kami bisa istirahat di jalan, meskipun Bimo menganggap istirahat = tidur hehehe…

Tawang Mangu CBR Ninja Versys CB 250

Anyway, when we break after enjoying the exotic roads of Tawang Mangu, a Vario 110 rider came & taking pictures with us (hopefully he’s Striders too!). And we were surprised to known that the goal with his trusty scooter are Surabaya! Wow, motorcycle rider in Indonesia surely brave! Although we rejected his invitation to riding with us because we wanted to achieve Sarangan quickly…I respect his guts!

Anyway, saat kami istirahat setelah menikmati jalanan Tawang Mangu yang eksotis, datang seorang pengendara Vario 110, ikut berfoto-foto bersama kami (moga-moga dia Striders juga!). Dan kami kaget, ketika mengetahui tujuannya bersama skuter andalannya : Surabaya! Wow, rider motor di Indonesia memang pemberani! Meski ajakan dia untuk berkendara bersama kami tolak, karena kami ingin segera mencapai Sarangan…Again, I respect his guts!

Alexander Reyner Charisma Surya Rama Andhika Bobby Seto Nugroho Bimo Wirafajar CBR Ninja CB Versys 250

Aandd…Lo and behold! Five Striders with the dream of reaching the Bali posed with each partner in front of Sarangan lake. Thank you Sir who taking our picture, right in the prohibited parking area hehehe…Because we think, the P symbol means photo area hahaha…Indeed, photographing forbidden zone always intriguing…

Aandd…Lo and behold! Lima Striders bersama partner andalan masing-masing dengan impian mencapai Bali bergaya didepan Telaga Sarangan. Terima-kasih untuk Mas-mas yang mau memotret kami, tepat di area dilarang parkir hehehe…Soalnya kami kira, lambang P itu artinya photo area hahaha…Memang, memotret bagian terlarang itu membuat penasaran…

Charisma Surya CBR250R MC41 Sarangan

Oh yeah, while we resting at motel named Hotel Red 2 (err, trust me, it’s a motel, not a hotel as its name, but it’s a pretty nice motel) near Sarangan, apparently the owner of the motel (I think his age around 40) curious about our loud talking about motorcycle, and he’s apparently rider too! As typical fellow motorcycle enthusiast meet, we immediately fit and chatting into the end of night, accompanied by caffeine and nicotine…

This gentleman, a proud ER-6 Club member, eagerly telling his stunning riding experience, especially when hearing his favorite; Riding motorcycles around town with his son. Hmm, sounds enjoyable to share riding experience with our own flesh and blood…He also advised, do not hesitate to get in touch with him if you need lodging around here, thanks Sir!

And, for the cherry on top, he gave us some food for the trip, hehehe…

Oh iya, saat beristirahat di motel Hotel Merah 2 (err, trust me, it’s a motel, not a hotel like its name, but it’s a pretty nice motel) di dekat Sarangan, rupanya pemilik motel yang usianya sekitar 40 tahunan, penasaran akan kami yang berisik mengobrol soal motor, rupanya ia rider juga! Dan seperti yang terjadi sudah-sudah, sesama motorcycle enthusiast tentu langsung cocok dan mengobrol sampai malam ditemani kafein & nikotin hehehe…

Beliau, member ER-6 Club, dengan bersemangat menceritakan pengalaman ridingnya yang memukau, dan yang membuat kami kagum, adalah kesukaanya mengendarai motor berkeliling kota bersama anaknya. Hmm, menyenangkan berbagi pengalaman riding bersama darah-daging sendiri…Beliau juga berpesan, tidak usah ragu kontak dia kalau butuh penginapan disini, thanks Sir!

And, for the cherry on top, dia memberi kami bekal makanan untuk perjalanan hehehe…

BMW GS1100

There are another stories when we take a walk around the motel, when we saw a motorcycle that we often see on the internet and magazines (and frequently being a supporting role in my riding dream), yup, BMW R1150GS! The owner, a rider from Germany, Herr Filippo apparently was during a tour, globetrotting with his wife, Frau Heike. Damn, as the sticker on his Touratech aluminum pannier : 2livethedream. Yeah, they are living our dream!

Again, we talked lots of topic with him, ranging from our same goal, Bali, his riding limit that only 200km/day to enjoy every town, and (again) something that made ​​us amazed, knowing that they worked full-time for 1 year for their cool tour. It’s amazing huh, learning how amazing human strength to realize their dream?

Ada cerita lain sewaktu kami berjalan-jalan di sekitar motel, dari kejauhan kami melihat motor yang sering kami lihat di internet & majalah (serta sering menjadi pemeran pembantu di mimpi riding saya), yup, BMW R1150GS! Pemiliknya, seorang rider dari Jerman, Mas Filippo rupanya sedang tour keliling dunia bersama istrinya, Mbak Heike. Sialan, sesuai stiker di kardus aluminium Touratech-nya : 2livethedream. Yeah, they are living our dream!

Lagi, kami berbincang-bincang banyak hal bersamanya, mulai dari tujuannya yang sama dengan kami, Bali, dia yang riding hanya 200km/hari untuk menikmati setiap kota, dan yang (lagi) membuat kami kagum, bahwa dia bekerja penuh selama 1 tahun untuk tour kerennya itu, menakjubkan ya kekuatan manusia demi mewujudkan mimpinya?

Rama Andhika Alexander Reyner Charisma Surya Bobby Seto Nugroho Bimo Wirafajar CBR Ninja Versys 250 650 150 Bromo

Indeed, our journey was not nothing compared with them, but it’s okay, we still five handsome Striders with our little journey hahaha…And it’s time towards our next target, Bromo, which as you may see, it’s all about having fun and laugh! Accustomed to living in the crowded urban areas with artificial structure, going to Bromo area does offer different experiences and break our habits. It’s refreshing! These are the joy of touring!

Memang, perjalanan kami tidak ada apa-apanya dibanding mereka, but it’s okay, we still five handsome Striders with our little journey hahaha…Dan saatnya menuju target kami selanjutnya, Bromo, yang seperti kalian lihat, it’s all about having fun and laugh! Terbiasa hidup sesak akan struktur artifisial di perkotaan, masuk ke area Bromo memang menawarkan pengalaman yang berbeda & mendobrak kebiasaan kami. Menyegarkan! These are the joy of touring!

CBR250R MC41 Bromo Charisma Surya Dark

Err…Yeah. It’s getting pretty dark even before we came into the Bromo sea of ​​sand. Huft…Unfortunate for us. So, no Bromo unreal panoramic pictures guys. But we still try to enjoy the thrill of riding our sportbike with clip-on & rearset on near pitch-black Bromo. Our conclusion?

“Crossing Bromo at night effectively reducing our mental and confidence drastically. Increasing approximately 75% doses of depression, haunted by barrage of despairs, heart palpitations, and suddenly we draw closer to the God.”

…Err, ya. Belum sampai ke lautan pasir Bromo, hari sudah gelap. Huft…Disayangkan memang. So, no Bromo unreal panorama pictures guys. Tapi kami tetap berusaha menikmati sensasi riding menggunakan sportbike dengan clip-on & rearset di kegelapan pekat Bromo. Kesimpulan kami?

“Menyebrangi Bromo pada malam hari dapat menurunkan mental & kepercayaan diri secara drastis. Meningkatnya dosis depresi sekitar 75%, keputusasaan yang bertubi-tubi menghantui, jantung berdebar-debar, serta mendekatkan diri kami kepada Tuhan secara mendadak.”

Kawasaki Versys CBR 250 650 Bromo Night Foglamp

In the end, aided by miracle (and of course, Rama’s Auntie prayer!), we finally get past Bromo dark sea of ​​sand to find nearest lodging. And here, there’s change of plans about our tour…Yes. After deliberation, finally with heavy heart, we had to split our group into two group, because Bimo, Reyner and me must arrived in Bali on Thursday, while Rama (with his unwell condition) accompanied Bobby to stay at Bromo…

Get well soon Rama & Bobby, we’re waiting for your stories and photos on SNR…

In the end, dibantu mukjizat (tidak lupa do’a Bu’de-nya Rama!), akhirnya kami bisa melewati lautan gelap pasir Bromo untuk mencari tempat penginapan. Dan disini, ada perubahan rencana soal tour kami…Ya. Setelah bermusyawarah, akhirnya dengan berat hari, kami harus membagi grup kami menjadi dua, karena saya, Bimo & Reyner harus sampai di Bali pada hari Kamis, sedangkan Rama (yang kondisinya saat itu kurang fit) ditemani Bobby untuk menginap di penginapan…

Get well soon Rama & Bobby, ditunggu kisah & foto-fotonya di SNR…

Bromo Night Ride CBR

Next, we moving at 9 pm, trying to trust our partner lightning (although I continue to cursing Ruby night-vision capabilities, and lined up behind a white 650cc creature armed with foglamp). Many outside the comfort zone test we must passed when we crossing the Bromo gap…Starting from flood that higher than stock exhaust CBR250R level, and the best part; Thick incense scent that wafted by us occasionally…What an amazing experience, mixed with horrific feeling!

Finally, due to our body condition aren’t possible to continuing the journey, also because we feeling nostalgic for something warm and soupy, we decided to rent some accommodation at 2 am in the area of ​​East Java, on direction of Sidoarjo. Well, what a day!

Yeah, same as part one, the day ended with me draw a blanket (read : Sarong) and pillow (read : SideBag), to preparing body and mind for facing tomorrow agenda : Crossing the ocean, and stepping our foot in Bali! But firstly, it’s time to wash my socks, full of sand & water remnants of Bromo night savagery…

Selanjutnya, kami melanjutkan perjalanan jam 9 malam, mencoba mempercayai partner kami masing-masing (meski saya terus mengutuk kemampuan penerangan Ruby, dan berbaris dibelakang makhluk putih 650cc bersenjatakan foglamp). Banyak ujian diluar zona aman yang kami rasakan saat melintasi lembah…Mulai dari banjir setinggi knalpot stock CBR250R, sampai wangi kemenyan yang sesekali tercium…What an amazing experience, mix with horrific feeling!

Finally, dikarenakan kondisi tubuh yang sudah tidak memungkinkan untuk melanjutkan perjalanan, dan rasa kangen yang kronis akan sesuatu yang hangat & berkuah, kami pun memutuskan untuk menyewa penginapan pada jam 2 pagi di daerah Jawa Timur, arah Sidoarjo. What a day!

Yeah, sama seperti part-1, hari ini diakhiri dengan menarik selimut (baca : Sarung) dan bantal (baca : Sidebag), mempersiapkan badan & pikiran untuk menghadapi hari esok : Melintasi lautan, dan menjejakan kaki di Bali! Tapi sebelumnya, saatnya mencuci kaus kaki yang penuh pasir & air sisa-sisa kekejaman Bromo…


  1. hai salam kenal masbro….keren2 banget potonya…kirain dari negeri eropa loh…( eaaa)…ternyata motor lokal…keren masbro!!!!

    • Salam kenal agan Wisnu3ds. Ternyata memang banyak daerah di Jawa yang teramat-sangat-keren lho. Kami juga baru tau soal tempat2 ini, dan lumayan beruntung bisa sempet jalan2 ke sana. Intinya, Indonesia mah pasti gak kalah dari luar negeri. :D

      • Iyah masbro….informasinya ciamik apalgi didukung dgn bahasa inggris… Jadi mempromosiin ke luar negri juga… Kite2 jg jd tau…

  2. sarangan?? actually i want to go there.. pernah dulu sampai daerah hutan cemara dan mbalik lagi ke karanganyar.. hehe

  3. Nightwish akhirnya diisi Pertamax Racing, gak mau kalah sama Saskia pas ke Bromo (juga) dulu :D

    • Well Yud, the best feature of “Pertamax Racing” (especially at rural area) are : Free Pray.

      “Mau kemana Mas? Hati-hati ya…”

      Hell, even buying racing fuel ain’t getting prized feature like that! :lol:

      • Haryudh4: Itu dia Yud, dapet random octane dan blessing. Nothing beats that. XD
        RYHN.FRDS: Touche! :D

  4. Akhirnya nongol juga part 2-nya…
    Jalan k bromo emank bener2 gila..apalagi kalo malem, gak nyadar kalo jalan disebelahnya jurang :D :D

  5. Sidoarjo? wah deket rumahku donk :D
    #gak ada yang tanya

    2 foto terakhir keren :D
    banyak orbs yang kelihatan
    sebagian lagi udah hampir menampakan diri :)

    ditunggu foto penampakan eh kelanjutannya :D

    • Iya ya, saya gak sadar. Aduh, kok jadi serem ya? Aris! Tanggung jawab!

  6. Halooo semuaaa… maav baru menampakan diri… iya sih banyak bgt orbnya bro redbike92… tp ada lagi sih foto yg lebih banyak lagi orbs nya hahhaa….

    • wooow keren :D
      sayang sekali ya kak Aris, foto yang orbsnya lebih banyak gak ada disini
      (btw nanti SnR jadi blog gaib donk :mrgreen: )

  7. Bisa jadi… bisa jadii…. hahahhaa
    Btw.. thanks SnR for pimp our journey story… cant wait the next part dude… : )

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