Rama’s Tales : Me & Motorcycle, An Indonesian Rider Perspective of Japan Bikers Life

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What’s Japan ring the bell for most of us? One of the biggest player in the industry? Or where cool stuffs & peoples that colored (and make us drool!) born? Yeah, for us, Japan got special sentiment for anyone hearts, whoever tasted their picturesque charm.

What charm? Well, lets discover that, from an Indonesian rider perspective who tried to live, breathe & experience the Japan motorcycle life. Welcome to Rama’s tales.

Guess The Bike Japan

“Hello, my name is Rama! For being obsessively compulsive motorcycle enthusiasts, I supposed it’s a natural habit for us to see the broader & louder picture, to get deeper into the bikers life. And Is there any more diverse & colored culture of motorcycle place to live, than Japan?”

“Before I planned to live at Japan, of course I got some (wild) imagination about Japan bikers life. Okay, Call me an Autobike Otaku, thanks to Kamen Rider & Internet for endless supply of Japan beauties (not to mention Hentai & Gravure..), this Indonesian guy even can remember how Suzuka Circuit look like more than Tokyo Tower hahaha…”

Japan Scooter Arai Silver

“After landed safely and going to Kyoto by highway, my eyes is hunting where’s my motoring wet dream in reality? Where’s tricked & buffed UJM-muscle? Where’s half-blinded endurance racer that haunting Suzuka in eight hours? Where’s Kamen Rider without his mask on?

“Too bad, our route haven’t show those gems yet. Only cars, scooters, scooters, and scooters. It’s not saying scooters are boring, but imagine entering an Izakaya (Japanese pub) ordering a Sake bomb, and they deliver….a cup of green tea. Will my dream become reality? O God of Machine, bless this curious kid to meet one of your marvelous creature…”

Kawasaki ZRX DAEG Japan Yellow Corn Jacket

“…But after reaching outskirt of Osaka, unexpectedly a familiar yet fabled deep grunt sounded clearly, the tuned Rex has passing with its signature growl! HURRRAHHHHH!!!!”

“In a flash, my fantasy that had been shattered, slowly arise & appear beautifully…Imagine Luke Skywalker when he met Yoda, yeah…A curious kid meet the greenish legendary ultra badasss creature = All I can say is: Kanpai!!! Thank you Japan for finally greeting this young Padawan with “proper” bikers style!”

Ducati Diavel Japan Kyoto Shoei Black

“And because Kyoto blessed with plenty of tourism spot like shrines, temple & festival, it’s not surprised to find many riders traveled thousands kilometers for enjoying Kyoto heritage.”

“And the bikes that came? Imagine From foreign power cruiser like Bologna’s devil above into bizarre JDM bikes that even Wikipedia & Google can’t figure it”

Honda CB Superfour Japan

“For some people, even the Japanese themselves, Japan isn’t as cool as it was portrayed on movies or another media. One word : LAW. A hella strict law that tighter than Ultraman’s suit.”

“Speedgun that nearly everywhere, huge chunk of speeding & parking tickets that always haunt your wallet, and police that skilful as the Yokai Raida, Yoshio Kannabe. Nightmare for motorcyclist? Umm…I don’t think so.”

Kawasaki 250 Street Tracker Japan TR

“Take a look to this couple. They ride their bike with oozing passionate aura, even their riding gear isn’t the most protective one. For them (Japanese bikers), the law maybe strict, but it can’t stop them for ride their bike. Everyone got their personal attitude & style.”

“For example, the Police aren’t always arresting the Boso Zoku guys, as long they don’t opposing the law. Justice is blind, but it does have heart & logic….”

Yamaha WR250X Supermoto Japan

“Yeah, Japanese bikers life is full of love. Everyone, from rider, garage & shop owner, even motorcycle cafe waitress, life their bikers life with smile & positivity, even when their face are covered by helmets.”

“They don’t really care about cliche comparison like, what’s better? CBR or Ninja? Foreign bike or local-made? Old-school or modern? What’s they really care is their passion; Loves of motorcycle.”

Suzuki Inazuma 400 Tuned Japan

“How can they vibrate those warmth feels, if their passion & love of motorcycles is weak & artificial right? Umm…there is one simple yet strong Kanji character for describing Japan bikers life, after years I live, breathe & taste here :

“和 (Harmony)”

Honda CBR600RR Japan

Sometimes, we forgot what’s “Love of motorcycle“. We’re too busy perfecting our own selfish-life. We forgot what buried inside the leather, metal & plastic that covered this life, motorcycle life : The feeling. You can call it love, passion, whatever.

Thank you Rama for reveal to us, what makes Japan bikers life is important. Hey, we’re not forgot that feeling right? Let’s live our bikers life like Japanese, that keep the peace & balance, with smile & positive love!

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  1. woooo cool story and especially for the shoot maa! ahahaha. mauu mogeeee :(

    • Thank you Rey. I’ve learnt a lot from the biker society here in Japan. Yah, bagaimanapun juga, Jepang kan salah satu pusatnya biker culture dunia. :D

  2. mantabb..!!

    di sana ngga ada motor bebek ya hehehehe…

    lagi2 soal cinta2an nih ama motor :D

    btw thanks for the article, lumayan buat nge boost mata yang masih ngantuk :D

  3. Tapi yang selama ini jadi pertanyaan: “Disana Mas Rama pakai motor apa?” :)

      • Sayangnya saya cuma pakai motor bertenaga 1 HP (human power) dalam kata lain, sepeda. Hahahaha!
        Tapi bulan Januari besok rencananya mau ambil SIM kelas menengah. Mudah-mudahan bisa berhasil. Doakan saya ya. :p

  4. mantaaaaaaaaap bro… potonya keren2.. itu yang awal sama banget yak… dulu ane taun 2008an jg sempet mampir ke jepang.. pas baru nyampe sempet kecewa juga dimana2 skuter kecil mulu.. wkwkwkwk.. Tapi pas giliran ketemu beberapa legend.. Nsr250, Gsx1100 katana dll baru bener deh kerasa “ini nih homelandnya mesin jepang” wkwkwkwkwkwkwkwk… mantaaap bro *twothumbsup

    • thanks bro tezh58.. Rama ceritain ini semua dengan detail. So, kami bisa serap dengan lancar, kaya dapet contekan pas ujian.
      dan semua apresiasi untuk foto di artikel ini juga haknya Rama. Kami cuma bantu sharing the love ;)

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