Old but Gold, an introductory session with Riza Amrullah

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Courtesy of One Horizon Adventure

Welcoming 2016, Shootupnride would like to add a new section where we will do an interview with well-known figure in Indonesia motorcycling scene, or at least someone who we acknowledge as an interesting person. Pretty subjective, eh? HA!

For that lucky person, we’ll provide them with a setlist of question they have to answer. Some with that SnR-antique that you guys already know, of course.

In this first time, we decided to hand out our question sheet to Riza Amrullah, more-known as pakde Ija, a KLX150 rider behind One Horizon Adventure. Dedicating himself to ride for a cause, how he’ll react to our question about riding and photography? Let’s see..

Memasuki tahun 2016, Shootupnride akan menambah satu kategori post lagi dimana kami akan melakukan semacam interview ke figur-figur yang cukup dikenal di scene motor Indonesia, atau yah, siapapun yang kami anggap menarik. Subjektif banget ya? HA!

Dan untuk orang yang beruntung kami pilih, sudah ada satu set pertanyaan yang harus mereka jawab. Khas SnR tentunya.

Untuk pertama kali ini, kami mutusin buat ngasih setlist kami ke Riza Amrullah, atau lebih dikenal sebagai Pakde Ija, rider KLX150 dibalik One Horizon Adventure. Mendedikasikan dirinya to Ride for a Cause, bagaimana reaksinya ketika kami tanya seputar riding dan fotografi? Mari kita liat..

Courtesy of One Horizon Adventure
Courtesy of One Horizon Adventure

-How do you get into riding bikes?
“I started traveling as a backpacker. Eventually I ride to detach my self from the schedule of public transportations”.

-Ceritain dong awalnya tertarik ke dunia riding!
“Awalnya saya traveling sebagai backpaker. Pada akhirnya, saya riding untuk nyegerin diri dari sumpeknya jalanan sehari-hari.”

-We choose to interview you because SnR see that you could combine photography with motorcycle, so what makes you interested with both subject combined?
“Motorcycle and photography are arts. Its fun to have both combined easily wrapped in the nature.”

-SnR milih pakde buat diinterview karena kita liat pakde bisa mengkombinasikan fotografi dan motor. Apa sih yang bikin pakde tertarik untuk mengkombinasikan kedua hal tersebut?
“Motor dan fotografi itu sama-sama seni. Menyenangkan bisa memadukan kedua hal tersebut dengan alam.”

Courtesy of One Horizon Adventure
Courtesy of One Horizon Adventure

-This is a cliche one, what is the best experience ever happen on your riding life?
“Each journey has its own experience. But I always have more pleasure when I get familiar with the people at the place I stop. Recently I went to Sapih Village in Probolinggo and all in a sudden I became one of them.”

-Pertanyaan paling klise, apa pengalaman paling menarik selama riding?
“Setiap perjalanan punya ceritanya sendiri-sendiri. Tapi saya selalu senang membaur dengan orang-orang di tempat saya singgah. Belakangan ini saya riding ke desa Sapih di Probolinggo dan tanpa sadar saya sudah dianggap sebagai bagian dari masyarakat sana.”

-And what’s the worst thing you ever experience, obviously..
“When dehydrated and lack of fresh water in the middle of Savana Baluran. That was the real adventure though. Hahaha!”

-Dan tentu saja, pengalaman paling buruknya..
“Dehidrasi dan kehabisan air di tengah Savana Baluran. Bener-bener adventure. Hahaha!”

Courtesy of One Horizon Adventure
Courtesy of One Horizon Adventure

-The craziest thing you ever did while riding?
“Not a chance. I’m too old to do such things.”

-Hal paling gila yang pernah dilakukan selama riding?
“Nggak. Saya udah terlalu tua buat hal-hal begitu.”

-Where is your favorite stretch of road? How would you describe your riding experience through it?
“I love to ride in the turns and twists through ups and downs. Hence, I very much like the southern part of Java Island. Dieng and Tawangmangu for instance.”

-Dimana sih jalur riding favorit Pakde? Jelasin sensasinya!
“Saya suka riding di jalanan berkelok, mau itu tanjakan atau turunan. Makanya, saya suka banget bagian selatan pulau Jawa. Dieng dan Tawangmangu contohnya.”

Courtesy of One Horizon Adventure
Courtesy of One Horizon Adventure

-Who is your favorite rider of all time? Why?
“Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara, definitely. He rode for a cause.”

-Siapa rider favorit Pakde? Kenapa?
“Jelas Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara. He rode for a cause.”

-If money were no object, what would you choose as your ride? And why you choose it?
“I prefer a 250cc with the ability to cruise at all terrain, if you know what I mean. Why? Because we live in the country where asphalt is a luxurious thing. Because I often ride in the remote areas.”

-Kalau uang bukan halangan, motor apa yang bakal Pakde pakai? Kenapa?
“Saya bakal milih motor all-terrain berkapasitas 250cc, if you know what i mean. Kenapa? Karena kita hidup di negara dimana aspal mulus adalah barang mewah. Saya sendiri sering riding di daerah terpencil.”

-Could you elaborate your photography gear with us?
“Sure. I use Canon EOS 600D, Tamron 18-200mm and Canon 50mm.”

-Bisa bocorin ke kita gear apa aja yang dipakai untuk motret?
“Boleh. Saya pakai Canon EOS 600D, lensa Tamron 18-200mm dan Canon 50mm.”

Courtesy of One Horizon Adventure
Courtesy of One Horizon Adventure

-So since SnR is into photography, what is your favorite photo of your own bike? Tell us why!
“I love to see the pictures of my bike stood at the top of a hill or at the edge of a cliff. The struggle to get there is immeasurable.”

-Berhubung foto merupakan salah satu concern terbesar SnR, foto mana yang Pakde suka banget dari motor Pakde? Kenapa?
“Saya suka foto dimana motor saya berdiri di atas bukit atau di pinggir tebing. Perjuangan untuk sampai ke sana nggak terbayangkan.”

-What is your favorite motorcycle-related photo? What makes it so special? And who is your favorite moto-photographer?
“As mentioned earlier, I love to see the picture of my KLX at the top of Patok 29 hill, Lumajang. A barely crawl to get there. I have no favorite photographer except my self. Hahaha!”

-Punya foto favorit yang berhubungan soal motor? Kenapa foto itu spesial? Dan siapa fotografer motor favorit Pakde?
“Kayak yang udah saya jelasin di atas, saya suka foto KLX saya di atas bukit Patok 29, Lumajang. Butuh usaha ekstra buat sampai kesana. Saya nggak punya fotografer favorit selain saya sendiri. Hahaha!”

-Last, with only one liter of fuel left on your tank, what would you do with it?
“I will ride until the last drop.”

-Terakhir, kalo Pakde tinggal punya satu liter bensin di tangki motor Pakde, Pakde bakal ngapain?
“Riding sampai tetes terakhir.”

Courtesy of One Horizon Adventure
Courtesy of One Horizon Adventure

And that was the end of our question setlist with Riza Amrullah, fellas. To those who wondering what One Horizon Adventure is all about, you could visit the facebook page. Who knows if maybe you want to participate the cause yourself..

Expect another interview from us next month! Ciao!

Dan itulah akhir dari set-pertanyaan kami ke Riza Amrullah. Untuk siapapun yang bertanya-tanya tentang One Horizon Adventure, kalian bisa liat di page facebooknya. Siapa tau kalian pengen berkontribusi untuk kegiatan tersebut..

Tunggu sesi interview lainnya dari kami bulan depan ya! Ciao!


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