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Finally, I can revive “Striders Shootout” column. If previously I hunt Strider’s pictures that they upload on SNR own fanpage, this time I getting itched to browse through tags #shootupnride on Instagram. And there’s one striders that stole my attention through his photos. Shoootupnride routine reader that will remember his character…

Ah, akhirnya saya dapat kembali menghidupkan kolom “Striders Shootout“. Jika sebelumnya saya berburu foto-foto para Striders yang mereka upload ke fanpage SNR, kali ini saya tertarik menjelajah melalui tags #shootupnride di Instagram. Dan ada salah satu striders yang mencuri perhatian saya melalui foto-fotonya. Mungkin yang rutin menjelajah Shoootupnride di dunia maya pasti ingat dengan karakternya…


That’s right, Antonius Rangga! This unique striders that now living on Bali island is one of the most diligent submitter of #shootupnride tags. And dude’s got very distinct traits : Red HJC FS-15 Surge, always brings interesting perspective, and of course, action-cam selfie! Maybe only Aris with his magic stick that able to compete with Rangga’s top tier selfie game. Go get him ARZ!

That’s right, Antonius Rangga! Striders yang sekarang bermukim di pulau Bali ini adalah salah satu submitter paling rajin akan tags #shootupnride. And dude’s got very distinct trait : Red HJC FS-15 Surge, always interesting perspective, dan tentu saja, action-cam selfie! Mungkin hanya Aris dengan stik ajaib-nya yang mampu menandingi top tier selfie game Rangga. Go get him ARZ!

Antonius Rangga Selfie Mandala Toll Road Bali CBR250R MC41 shootupnride.com

What’s interesting point from Rangga’s photos in his Instagram, are how bike rider in Bali enjoying its unique charms at every riding session. Which of course, not every Indonesia islands possess…

Yang menarik dari foto-foto Rangga di kanal IG-nya, adalah bagaimana rider motor di Bali menikmati pesona-pesonanya yang unik dalam setiap sesi berkendara. Yang tentu saja, tidak semua pulau di Indonesia memilikinya…


For example, this lovely Rangga’s riding session along Freya, his latest Kunoichi on Mandara highway. Sunny sky, pleasant sunset, along with latest partner. Man, it makes me jealous!

Misalnya seperti sesi riding Rangga bersama Freya, Kunoichi terbarunya di jalan tol Mandara. Sunset, langit yang cerah, bersama partner terbaru. Man, it makes me jealous!


Rangga also one of the most cunning “motivator” of revealing the charm of Bali with motorcycle, together with the great moe-hunter jurupotoyoyo, no wonder many striders recorded tour in Bali on their bucket list. Perhaps you too?

Rangga juga salah satu “motivator” terulung dalam mengungkap pesona Bali bersama motor, bersama the great moe-hunter jurupotoyoyo, tidak heran banyak strider mencatat tour di Bali dalam bucketlist mereka. Mungkin kalian juga?


Nature with its amazing views & roads that awaiting for getting explored, with its various riders characters, There’s nothing can replaces exploring the world with bikes!

Alam dengan jalanan & pemandangan yang menunggu dijelajah, dengan pengendara-pengendara motor beragam karakter, There’s nothing can replaces world exploring with bikes!


Getting little dirty with your sportbikes? No problem. After all, this is Indonesia! Finding excuses with bike types as a limitation for adventuring aren’t our nature…

Getting little dirty with your sportbikes? No problem. After all, this is Indonesia! Menjadikan tipe motor sebagai batasan dalam menjelajah bukanlah karakter kita…


Yeah, just as another striders at IG, Rangga shows Indonesia from the motorist perspective. Even if everyone aren’t keen with riding at Indonesia tropical rain, with typically slippery roads and potholes, with positive attitude and the right gear…

Yeah, sama seperti striders lain di IG, Rangga memperlihatkan bagaimana Indonesia dari sudut pandang pengendara motor. Sekalipun tidak semua orang suka akan hujan tropis, jalanan licin & berlubang, asalkan dengan attitude positif & gear yang tepat…

Antonius Rangga Selfie Bali F800 GS CBR250R MC41 Rain shootupnride.com

…You can enjoying every moment of it. Just read Rangga’s caption, no wonder why he’s always looking forward for riding with his partners. Just put your battle (or come-at-me-bro!) face’s, wear the proper gear and ride on!

…You can enjoying every moment of it. Just read Rangga’s caption, tidak heran dia selalu menantikan momen berkendara bersama partnernya. Just put your battle game (or come-at-me-bro!) face’s, wear the proper gear & ride on!


Well, Rangga also never forgot his roots, CEBERUS. Blasting through the roads with your trusted comrades, marching with our machines symphony…It was sure to be one of the moments that deserve to be immortalized by our cameras! Now that it reminds me, to asking Adeona (Rangga’s red MC41) story. We’re still waitin’ Mong!

Well, Rangga juga tidak pernah lupa akan roots-nya, CEBERUS. Blasting through the roads with your trusted comrades, marching with our machines symphony…Tentu menjadi salah satu momen yang patut untuk diabadikan! Mengingatkan saya, untuk menagih kisah Adeona (MC41 merah milik Rangga). We’re still waitin Mong!


Besides Bali, there are quite many other areas that have been (and are likely to be again) explored by Rangga & Adeona. Of course, Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park also one of them. The sands, unearthly panorama, many striders were always remember moments in Bromo, right ‘Do?

Selain Bali, cukup banyak pula area lain yang telah (dan sepertinya akan dijelajah kembali) ditapaki Rangga & Adeona. Tentu saja, perbukitan Bromo juga salah satunya. The sands, unearthly panorama, banyak striders yang selalu mengingat momen-momen di Bromo, right ‘Do?


Looking through Rangga’s photos may make many “office workers“-type striders getting envy. Damn, how he could keep riding anywhere even being as an architect (believe me, architect is one of most time-spending job, 60+ hours a week!). Rangga tricks? Good time management, trusting the bike’s magic for life, and always smiling. Yeah, savoring every moment he spent with bikes.

Melihat foto-foto Rangga, mungkin membuat banyak striders “pekerja kantoran” iri. Sial, bagaimana dia bisa tetap riding kemana-mana sekalipun berstatus sebagai arsitek (percayalah, arsitek adalah salah satu pekerjaan paling tidak kenal waktu). Trik Rangga? Manajemen waktu, percaya akan motor, dan selalu tersenyum. Savoring every moment he spent with bikes.


Well, that’s a glimpse of Rangga’s facade of his motorcycle life through his action cam. Are it makes you want to immediately twist the throttle and search for spending precious moments together with your partner right? If so, don’t forget to record those exciting moments and upload it to the net, either on SNR fanpage or use #shootupnride tag on Instagram.

Well, itulah sekilas kisah-kisah foto Rangga. Membuat kalian ingin segera memelintir throttle & mencari momen-momen berharga bersama partner kalian bukan? Jangan lupa, rekam momen-momen menarik itu dan unggah ke dunia maya baik di fanpage SNR atau gunakan tag #shootupnride di Instagram.

Let’s show the world how we ride & play to the world!

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    Big thanks for ShootUpNRide team! Ride on!!!
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    • Anytime mate!

      Ditunggu kisah Adeona, Freya and any partners you got :)

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