Between The Progression, Hope & Reality, The Pangundaran Story

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Why we ride motorcycle? I think it’s not about transportation. Yes, the feel of ride, that strike our soul. One of hundreds type of feeling from ride motorcycle, maybe the sense of transcend from reality. Lots of people, ride motorcycle for allowing its soul getting purifying from the harsh & pressure of daily life.

This following story written by Alexander Reyner, one of rider that experience above type of feeling with his friends. This is Pangundaran Story.

Pangundaran Tour CBR250R FXR150R Pangandaran shootupnride.wordpress.com_10

The Toga tassel has moved from left to right. Yes. It’s sign that three of us had graduated from our lovely University. 1 month passed…2 months running…4 even 5, eh, maybe 6 or 10 job fair had already visited and left without a clear result for us…

“The Job Seekers. I think that’s what best describes our condition…”

Pangundaran Tour CBR250R FXR150R Pangandaran shootupnride.wordpress.com_06

Dunia semu, terjebak aku didalamnya (Pseudo-world, I was trapped in it)
Kacau balau dalam benak (Chaotic happen in the mind)
Hari-hari membosankan (Tiresome days)
Memandang keliling penuh tulisan (Looking around, it’s full of script)
The Milo – Dunia Semu

What we need for clean this jittery feeling? Refreshing. That’s the answer! So we plan a trip that ain’t too far, but not too short. The course must got straight, curve, up & down lane. None other than Pangandaran Beach route that provide that all diverse road!

Pangundaran Tour CBR250R FXR150R Pangandaran shootupnride.wordpress.com_05

At dawn (05:00pm), the three “Pangundaran” (Pengangguran Pangandaran / Pangandaran Unemployment) gather at Gunung Batu, and ready to depart. That was a sweet plan. In fact? At 06:00pm we’re only about warmed up our bike engine…Well, it’s okay. And the Unemployment Pangundaran tour begins!

Pangundaran Tour CBR250R FXR150R Pangandaran shootupnride.wordpress.com_02

“After five or six hours ride on the fascinating road to Pangandaran, finally we arrived in the destination without major problem. Our places to stay? This simple yet pleasant inn. Next activity? PLAY AT THE BEACH!”

Pangundaran Tour CBR250R FXR150R Pangandaran shootupnride.wordpress.com_12

“Ride the bike at beach sand is tricky one. Twist the throttle, you drown. Push the bike alone? Stuck without getting around. That’s what comrade for. Move that lazy unemployment arse!”

Pangundaran Tour CBR250R FXR150R Pangandaran shootupnride.wordpress.com_07

“After lots of manual labor, this is what we got. For momentary, we’re relieve from the pressure of life. Getting disappear from the tense, and drowned into the void of time. Just us, bikes & blessing from mother of nature”.

Pangandaran Tour CBR250R FXR150R Pangandaran

“When photographing at sunset of East Pangandaran beach getting dull, it’s time to little off-road to move into another nice spot, Batukaras springhead. Because lots of GoPro switch over, even for short distance (only 100 meters), the journey is feels so tardy…”

Pangundaran Tour CBR250R FXR150R Pangandaran shootupnride.wordpress.com_09

…So, where’s the cute castle sand? Writing beloved name at sand? Swim & play at the water? Well, that’s what general people think of beach. And we? We’re Pangundaran, the motorcycle rider & jobseeker. What we wanted must is the liberate & sensual sensation of riding motorcycle.

“The journey, is the destination.


“Thank you “Kuro” (The Black Pearl MC41) rider, for creating this video, that awaken the magnificent memories of Pangundaran, The unemployment Pangandaran tour. It brings hope to rise from intrusive days, and gave us positive vibrancy to face the life.”

Pangundaran Tour CBR250R FXR150R Pangandaran

Well, that’s the story of Pangundaran, oops, don’t call them Pangundaran again, but Pekundaran (Pekerja Pangandaran / Pangandaran Worker) because all of them are employment at respective occupation now! Welcome to the next level of lifetime, and of course, don’t forget to liven up the “Pekundaran Tour” again, regardless what bikes you guys ride.

Thank you Reyner for sharing this inspiring story to us, Godspeed to all of you!

Image courtesy of blackbluesatria, the Kuro owner & rider (go check his Youtube channel for another amazing Indonesia bikers life video)

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  1. if i could turn back the time,,, i want back to this fuckin moment again and again.. with a great bike,great ride, great riders, great friendship, great experience and great moment…

    • Uyeah!! Pangundaran Dream Rangers! first, i wanna say, Your Welcome Bro Reyhan. I’m glad to have a story of Pangundaran on this blog ahhahaaha. never imagined that i could wrote a story hahahaha.. hope you like it :D @Aris, we don’t need to turn back time. we will do it again. soon. Really soon..

      • Thanks Reyner, can’t wait what Dream Ranger stories next…Maybe long or short trip, we don’t care. It’s the Adventure, Bike & Comrade that matters! :)

  2. dream ranger family.. you will always be my past, my present, and my future.. :’)

  3. great story.. great journey .. and great friendship ..

    success for all of u guys

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